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Good change to Innumerable Shadows with the 1s CD--I am now using it in a macro with Void Touch to save a key, since they are both 15s duration abilities.I still have trouble keeping all dots/damage boosters up. It just feels awkward having to refresh when you have abilities like Mirrored Strike (60s damage boost finisher), Consuming Depths, and Nexus of Darkness to consider in your rotation. I either have to choose between delaying pressing Consuming Depths when Nexus of Darkness is up and two of my damage boosters are timing out as well, which is on top of the extra combo points I suddenly have after using a finisher If anyone has tips on rotations, I would appreciate it.
It is good that you are feeling this friction.One of the core design goals at play here is that Shadeborn should not feel like there is an optimal "rotation" that you can just execute and get full DPS. Instead, you will need to spend time fully understanding the impact each of your abilities has on your DPS, and using that information to decide in each GCD what your best option is.As a general rule your priorities will look something like the following.1. Maintain damage buffs (Including Void Touch, Mirrored Strike, Innumerable Shadows)2. Maintain Strangulate3. Cast Consuming Depths when a proc is available.4. Cast finishers with 5 CP.5. Builder Spam.
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