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I have not really had a big chance yet to test on PTS, but I will! There is one thing I wanted to bring up right now. I am not sure if you dealt with it or not, but I am guessing you have since you changed code. Right now, on live, if you place a person on ignore, each week it actually resets. I don't know if this is for all people or just some. But believe me, the same people i have on ignore - all the trolls, are able to be viewed each week. And before you ask, no, they have not changed shard. Same people, almost every week. Therefore, the only thing to do, which is kinda silly, is to remove them and then re-add them to ignore. But this is simply not how it should work. Did you address this issue while making this account-wide ignore feature?
That is...really odd, that's the first time I've heard of that. Keep me updated with what happens after account wide ignore goes live and let me know if it persists.
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