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I get the message "you are not in chat [World defense@Typhiria]" (I typed it lower case, and the system wrote the channel name in upper case, so it obviously detected what channel I'm referring to).I only have this on my newest char, the other 8 level 65 toons are fine, so there must be some additional condition to trigger this bug. Of course it's not game breaking, but when you're used to have all level chats in a sequence it is kind of annoying. So if you could find the time to have another look at this problem it would be highly appreciated.
I'll take another look for sure, super sorry for the inconvenience :-(. One of the hardest things to do is fix a bug that you're not able to reproduce on a local server because there's not as much debugging I can do. I already have some log lines in place that spit out messages when you attempt to leave a world defense chat (this is actually what led me to fixing it the first time), so I'll definitely take another look at them when I get back in to the office.
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