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I just reached 65 with a new char. When I type /chatinfo, I see the following:Attachment 27798Since I want to have all level chats with all chars in the same slots, and as I do not give a rats behind about world defense, I tried to leave channel 7, to move 60-64 there. Alas, I cannot.When I type "/leave 7", the game tells me "You are not in Channel [7. Weltenverteidigung@Typhiria]".When I type "/leave Weltenverteidigung@Typhiria", I get the exact same response.When I type "/leave Weltenverteidigung", again the same response.When I type "/leave xyxyxx", the game tells me "Chat channel [xyxyxx] does not exist". So obviously the game recognizes the channel I want to leave, but for whatever reason does not let me leave.I shard hopped to Typhiria and retried all three commands, with the same results.So... how can I get out of this stupid channel? (my char is on Brutwacht, and I'm using the German client).
Hmm that is super odd, this bug was supposedly fixed a few weeks back. I'm not able to reproduce it on local servers but I could easily on live before it was fixed, when my fix hit I was able to leave the channel. I can take another look when I get some time, but if the bug is not truly fixed, there's no way to leave the channel. I recommend hiding the chat of it in your settings, although that doesn't fix the issue of your channels being out of order :-(. One thing to try, what happens if you type "/leave world defense"?
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