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I can't access PTS atm, but since you mentioned the pets category make sure to test the Minion Window store access use case as well as it is similar. Also the CTRL-F look up access into any of these categories from the character inspect screen for all categories that are searchable by this method (equipment/mounts?). Might want to create a test case for the Patron Icon store access use case as well, though that seems less likely to have an issues (but would be useful for a test suite for any store changes) I can't atm think of any other store access use cases, especially into the aforementioned categories, but any store access use case should all be added as a test case even if their categories aren't yet affected. P.S. just reread your OP gingers and realized the dimension toolbar has an access point as well.
Yup looks like the dimension link was also broken, thanks for pointing that out! They should be fixed in an upcoming build.
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