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Hi i am not experianced at testing thing but what i was noticed is that Mealstrom have no animation of spells at all. I was thinking that if you want sell next soul pack for good monney again focus on mechanics of that souls but also put some shiny looking spells for people to see the difference. I know its beta still but even in live with Typhoon example i can see nobody cares that Hail Volley has no animation at all??? Do you plan to live soul like this or you will work also on animation effects along with mechanics? Sorry for my engilsh i am not native speaker. Thanks
I would be curious to know what graphics settings you're on - it sounds like there may be a bug with some configuration, or a bug with the PTS server? Maelstrom definitely has new VFX for every ability, and I've never seen them disappear on me - so any info you can give would be helpful!
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