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I logged on to the PTS to see what the new primalist soul would be and its another ST ranged dps spec. Did you guys forget we have vulcanist? Although variety is nice it would be even nicer to have a support role, or a raid heal role.Vulcanist is fun and could use some buffing, maybe that's what maelstrom is supposed to be for, but maybe instead of just making a whole new dps spec you fix the one you've already got and introduce a support role we can use that's on par with archon ?this is just upsetting. i rarely log on my primalist as it is because in raids only puri's are used as tank healers and my alt doesnt have the gear to be top dps yet (and considering its a primalist it only has to have semi decent gear to be top dps)
There are certainly more souls that we're going to do for Primalist at some point in the future, that being said variety in DPS options is important too. We had to pick one right now, and Maelstrom was the one that felt right. We haven't forgotten other areas where Primalist could have more functionality however.
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