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I am not the "achievement person", but no one person is. Various people create achievements based on the work they are doing. But I tend to be one of the OCD people that likes cleaning up some of the small details. So... here we go!
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The achievement [MURDER AND MAYHEM, FOR PROFIT] achievement does not show any progress for me, despite some wins I already had. Not sure if it only doesn't count the wins visually or if it is broken.
I have passed this issue along to the appropriate parties to be investigated.
Fish and trophy fish from minion loot counts towards all fishing achievements (i. e. fish 10,000 fish or fish all trophy fish etc.)
This achievement tracks on the items being looted, which is the same thing you do when collecting them fromm Minions. It is unfortunately going to be the way it remains.
Since the promotion category was added the shard first counter is not shown anymore in the overview (not sure if intended) The wardrobe category is not shown at all in the overview
It looks there is only room for a maximum of 10 categories to be displayed there. I am moving the Promotions category to World Events and the Wardrobe category to Character. That should allow everything to display properly again.
The legacy achievement count is much higher than the legacy achievements you can see (111 shows counter for me, 92 achievements are actually shown for me under legacy - probably some achievements with hidden progress? Would it be possible to show those so you can track them still, i. e. for the old IA ones?)
No, this is going to remain as is. The extra points are likely from linked achievements - like 50 kills in Stillmoor becomes 100 kills in Stillmoor, all the way to 5000 kills. There are multiple achievements there, but only one displays at a time. Also, we are not going to display any incomplete achievements in the Legacy section because doing so WILL result in some percent of the player base trying to chase them anyway which will inevitibaly result in players opening CS tickets regarding content we no longer support. Yes, some like the old IA ones CAN be done, but we have no intention of supporting the ability to do so. They are supposed to be effectively retired, but we do not like to take away the record of accomplishments you may have done even if we end up retiring that content.
[CONSUMED BY NIGHTMARES VI] is not part of the [NIGHTMARE VI: MASTER] achievement, unlike all other tiers
Fixed for 3.6.
The Expert dungeon Rhaza'de Canyons has no conqueror achievement, unlike all other Expert dungeons
I spoke to the instance team lead, and it appears that it was oversight for this dungeon. He will look into creating one, but I do not have an ETA.
The achievement [ASSAULT ON BRONZE TOMB DOMINATION] is the only domination achievement that is shown under the general PvP category and not in the specific WF category like all other domination achievements The old 3 warfronts (Black Garden, The Codex, Battle for Port Scion) do not have domination achievements at all
Actually, it isn't the only one under the general PVP tab, since the ones you called out as missing are also under the General PVP tab. But that seems like a silly place for them, so I will move them to their appropriate sub-categories.
[NEW YEARS 2014] and [THE PUPPET MASTER] are still obtainable and active achievements but grant no points
These will be worth 10 points each in 3.6.
[KARTHAN RIDGE DOMINATION] only gives 10 points, all other domination achievements give 50 - there are also many other achievements that are similar/of the same type but give totally different points
I adjusted the Karthan Ridge meta points to match the others. We are aware that there are a number of outlier point values, but point adjusting is a touchy subject. Some are way to high, but we are loathe to turn them down because that would make the number go down and Manugo enthusiasts don't like seeing the numbers go down. But in this particular case, I am making that number go up. Any changes I am making here are for 3.6. Additionally, for those looking to complete the Taste the Rainbow achievement, I have made a pass to make sure all the "Touch of" style event trinkets and the planar weapon VFX are attached to the store for various World Events. The schedule is: Carnival - Water, Earth Summerfest - Life, Fire Autumn Harvest - Death Fae Yule - Air Also, I have moved the achievements for killing massive hordes of players in Iron Pine, Shimmersand, and Stillmoor to Legacy, since those were intended to go hand in hand with PvP Rifts which are no longer in the game. The points related to those achievements have been shifted to higher tiers of the PvP rank achievements and for the general killing players that are at least green achievements - so no point loss there, just a redistribution. Finally, I was also asked privately if the zone event 'Rude Awakening' was still running. It should still be running. I took a quick look at the data and it all looks correct, but I did not do a log search to confirm (doing so is not a fast process because there is so much data for filtering searches). I can take a look at a later date, but I know some players keep very good records of speciifc things, like Zone Events. If anything, I would think it might run a bit less often starting last week. The game used to run events predominently in what were "end game" zones at various points. I changed the rules the zone event controller was operating under so the distribution of zone events should become a bit more even (more City Core, Eastern Holdings, etc and less Dendrome and Ashora and Steppes of Inifinity. Hopefully this info drop helps!
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