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These graphic issues are real, it has been going on since I started playing Rift 4 years ago and I know Trion knows the root cause. But as has been said by the devs, in one form or another, since it does not affect game play and consider it a cosmetic issue, they have no real priority or plans to "fix" it.
This is actually the opposite of true. We're closer now to understanding the root cause of this issue, and it remains something we're actively investigating. Work on this issue is ongoing, a big part of why it hasn't been addressed already is the difficulty in figuring out the true root cause. While graphics issues aren't quite as high priority to us as say players not being able to log in, they are still very important. Dead Simon put this to me very eloquently once, so I'll go ahead and use his words here: "Anyone who says that graphics issues do not affect game play is wrong. Part of the fun of playing an MMO especially one as beautiful as RIFT is to be in an amazing fantasy world. Graphic issues can ruin that experience; to me that is the definition of affecting gameplay." Right now we have a potential solution that we hope will put this one to rest on the PTS server, but we won't know until it hits live. Because of the extreme difficulty in fixing this bug we remain wary but hopeful that soon this sort of issue will be a thing of the past.
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