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When using the Carnival Portal from TB and it asks you if you want to go to TB or Shimmersand, do not pick Shimmersand.
Yep, the portals TO Tempest Bay should be good, but the ones FROM Tempest Bay have not been updated. Hopefully that should fixed in the next PTS push.
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Also, where is the event vendor to use our doubloons and tickets? I see the money converter, and food vendor but I don't see what is for sale like costumes, mounts, or jewelry?
Most World Event offerings are in the main store UI, even if they are not for sale for credits. Only some minor incidentals are still on World Event NPCs. Since World Event offerings are updated so often, maintaining the main store front and the NPC tables increased the odds of bugs slipping though since there were so many places to keep track of merchant info.
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