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Teleport Issues:-this is mainly about the northern part from Scarwood Reach the teleport range is horrible sometimes you come to the area of the quest and the quest is already finished because a new player just could teleport and had not to run for like 5mins.Guess if you lower the radius(or however the teleport works) of the zone where you can`t teleport by 20-30% it should be fine(running from Shatterbone Canyon to Howling Plateau is just painful with the low mount speed).
Coincidentally, 3.6 will include an overhaul of IA teleport prompts. The current system has a bunch of convoluted rules, and different parameters if it is the first quest of a chain or not and some other nonsense. And some of those things didn't even work right (like the frequent teleport prompts even if you were already at the location that was seen more often in Hammerknell).So the new system is simplified - if you are in contribution distance, you get no prompt. If you are outside of contribution distance, you get a prompt. That's it - that is the extent of the new teleport prompt rules come 3.6.Remember that if you miss a prompt for any reason (accidentally close it or such), you can open the IA window and where the "JOIN" button normally is, a "TELEPORT" button will be displayed instead.Additionally, some other minor tweaks are coming such as anyone that enters an instance entrance while in an IA group will get immediately booted from the IA raid so they can zone in on their own and not spam the rest of the raid with a zone in prompt. And raid checks are also getting disabled.The respawn rates of many of the kill adventures in SL zones are a known issue, but are an unfortunately very slow process to address. I have been knocking them out as I find time to do so. But thank you very much for the feedback!
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