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Its ridiculous to announce a fix if its no fix. I guess they did not even try to fix this. Just writing lies, its so bad and so against the community -.-
Where did you hear that?As far as I know we never made that claim.Having said that, this bug has been a thorn in our sides since launch. Believe me we REALLY want to fix it, and we continue to work on it. We have been burned before by saying we think we got it only to be proved wrong. This is another reason I find it hard to believe anyone claimed that Multi core was going to have any affect on this what so ever.We do have something hopeful in the pipeline though, and it's up on PTS now. However with how elusive this bug has been to track down I think we would be foolish to guarantee anything until it has been tested by thousands of players rather than just our in house team.And seriously nobody lied and we are not trying to deceive you. You just have the wrong end of the stick. Multi-core is about performance improvements not fixing bugs. In fact it is called experimental beta right now as it is perfectly possible it will introduce all new bugs. That is why you can turn it off.