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I'm not sure how the system actually represents the "special" one, if it takes slot 1, slot 2, or "the last spot the character has un-purchased" or what. But on my toon, who had purchased a handful of vaults before the "special" bank vault was available, it shows the original bank vault as the expanded one:My other toons, who haven't purchased any vaults, before or after the "special" vault came out, show the same thing -- Slot 1, in essence, is the one already expanded, and the Slot 2 they all received for the "special" vault is locked. This is Slot 2 on my main but all others (except Slot 1, as shown above) look like this on him, as well as all Slot 2s on my alts:So, is the intention to have the original bank vault expanded if you have the "special" slot? Or are both supposed to be expanded? Maybe I'm just confused.
When I tested this, the special vault if unpurchased would be near the bottom but if purchased it would be vault 1. Basically if you have the special vault then you should have just 1 expanded free vault. If you don't own the special vault then you should have 0 free expanded free vaults.
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