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Very nice! I have a couple questions though: - If you don't log in on the 1st of the month, but, say, take a few days off and log in on the 4th, does your Day 1 start there? It seems to be implied, given that days don't have to be consecutive, but I'd like to make sure. I do see that it resets on the 1st regardless. - What happens if the person doesn't have enough bag space when opening one of the bundle rewards?
Correct, the first day that you log in will be day 1 rewards. I tested this out with dev commands and it looks like rewards then go into a hidden container so that when you remove an item to free up space it will automatically be filled with an item from that hidden container. However this is with dev commands, so it would be fantastic for a player to test it on PTS as well (thought keeping in mind that some of the calendar rewards are currency and don't go into your bag).
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