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pts just got a 3.2 gig update. Hopefully some of the healing values got changed so we can actually give some feedback because in its current state, it probably cant even heal an expert.
It does indeed have some Liberator changes. These are a first pass effort with some key goals in mind.1. Make Deliverance feel like a better option in more cases.2. Make casting damaging abilities feel like a viable option when healing isn't immediately required.To facilitate these goals we have made the following changes (note that these numbers are relative to their current live values, not previous PTS values so they are slightly easier to understand their impact).
  • Liberator AoE healing has been reduced by roughly 5% (as compared to LIVE)
  • Deliverance healing has been increased by roughly 15% (as compared to LIVE)
  • Zealous Advocate now increases damage by 7.5/15% per stack of Aegis of Advocacy (up from 1/2%).
Let us know how these changes feel on the PTS as soon as it is available!Chris "Keyens" MeyerSystems Designer
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