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When they came out with the sparkles a year or two ago, I forget because after realizing what a grind it would be, I didn't bother. I'm not bothering with this either. I'd much rather have the carnival since it at least appears to be something that happens in Rift.
And we'll definitely be giving you Carnival. It includes a new IA, new story driven RIFT Raids in the shimmersand arena, the new Frogifact game, and more. We've put a lot of effort into improving it for this year, because it's such a momentous year for RIFT.That being said you might not like this particular part of the Anniversary celebration, and that's ok. It doesn't take away anything from the part you are looking forward to, and you might get a few rewards out of it anyways without any special effort.
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I just want to know why I am only showing 570 tickets, and that I am on Wolfsbane. Did Trion screw up again and not factor in shard transferring?
We can definitely take a look. The current search factors in shard transfers, but it's pretty complicated and testing it can never hurt.
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My main thoughts are this:1) Does Trion thinks this promotes healthy gameplay/life balance?2) Why not provide some prizes randomly to people who took part but don't have 168 hours a week to game? They could set a suitable minimum threshhold for eligibility (200+ maybe?)
1) I don't think there is any way to do a "play rift and get a better score" that explicitly promotes a healthy life balance. That being said it's pretty important to us, and we'd always like to see all of you do well. Does that mean we shouldn't ever run this type of contest? No, we don't think so.2) Many of the prizes are given out to random selectees from the top 1000 players.
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