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One of the new features we have coming with 3.6 is the addition of a Daily Rewards Calendar, once this is on PTS please test it out and post any feedback or bugs on this thread. Things to test:
  • The window should automatically popup when you log in ONLY if you have something to claim.
  • A shortcut has been added to the Start Menu under the Activities section. If you have a reward to claim, the shortcut and the button should be glowing/pulsing (the glowing/pulsing should go away once the reward is claimed).
  • A notification shortcut has also been added to the Alert Tray.
  • The entire calendar should reset back to day 1 on the 1st of every month.
  • Every day that you log in you should get a reward, up to 21 days. The days do NOT need to be consecutive. For example, I log in on Monday and claim day 1, I log in on Tuesday and claim day 2, I don't log in on Wednesday. I log in on Thursday and claim day 3. You cannot stack up rewards to claim later.
  • When logging out of the game and you see the 30 second countdown, you should also see a reminder of what you'll be getting the next day.
  • Claiming the rewards are region specific.
  • Some of the rewards are still being adjusted. Day 14 and day 21 art are incorrect in the image.
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