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This thread's been a huge help. The blue pieces are driving me crazy, though. I've found three - Shimmersand, Kingsward, and Tarken - but the fourth is eluding me. I've been to every puzzle and searched thoroughly multiple times... even Goboro. I'm gonna search that madhouse again, but is there somewhere at the other puzzles that is commonly overlooked? I did check the arch between towers in Silverwood, no dice.
I have no idea where your piece is but I will throw this out there. A place I have commonly seen overlooked (Including by myself amazingly enough, even though I made it, it was a bit of a duh, moment when I realized that's where my missing box was) is the second part of the Ember Isle puzzle. If it was a very long time ago that you did that puzzle you might not remember that there are two parts to it, on platforms that look almost identical. The puzzle boxes can show up there.
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