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I would imagine that dealing with bots isnt as simple as reading a report from a player claiming that such and such is a bot and they just flick a switch. Otherwise you would get trolling galore and players being unfairly cancelled from an account. There would be some investigation required.
Very correct, a decent amount of the reports I've gotten in the past aren't actually bots.
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Perhaps if they are able to, a dev could provide a brief overview of the process involved in determining if a player is a bot it could alleviate some of the frustration for those reporting potential bots. I say "if they are able" as I have no idea of the process and maybe they dont want the process known in case programmers can code around the process to avoid bots being pinged.
I can't really go into it much, CS goes about it in different ways than I do, but they generally receive information from me in some way or another if it's not from direct player reports. An example of an "obvious bot" would be somebody running in a path that doesn't change for long periods of time and uses the same abilities over and over, sometimes just spamming GTAEs or AOE abilities with no targets.
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