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I agree with you Tulia, until I see more pictures (everybody please post them when you find them), I'm still stuck at 2/4. Simon still thinks everything is peachy, which I strongly disagree. Alts shouldn't be needed, and my highest alt even after 4 years is only level 20. The game gets under my skin when others doing less work then me gets all of the pieces because they RNG better is beyond stupidity. Simon needs to start jumping into our characters and see the same issues we've been stating now for 5 days. The CUBES DON"T EXIST/VISIBLE. They either don't spawn for some unknown flag/alignment that hasn't been reached, or it's a graphical bug. Can I be unlucky and have drawn Goboro or Silverwood, maybe. However even searching those over and over doesn't show anything either.
I am not saying that a bug is impossible. It's just nothing anyone has said has made me think this is the case. Everything you are experiencing can be explained by the way it works. But just to be super sure please PM me the character name that you are unable to find the puzzle pieces on and I will check that it is possible, or not as the case may be to find all the pieces.
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