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Hello everyone!3.4 localized patch notes are live in the Glyph patcher. We made our self-imposed deadline of "Friday in Europe" with 23 minutes to spare. We are caught up with EN notes.3.4 hotfixes 1 & 2 notes are in the patcher at the top. Scroll down below that to find the primary 3.4 notes. There are many additions since yesterday's partial set of community notes.Localization Known Issues (9-October)
  • Some recipe names & content still do not display the expected details in mouseover. We had it fixed once... and then we... didn't. If I see "Thalasite Alloy" in English for another dev cycle, I'll go crazy. I can only imagine how annoyed all of you must be by now. Sorry for the wait. We're gonna get it fixed! Until then, thank you to everyone who took time to provide full-size images and contact me in private messages. m(_._)m
  • Text strings added in hotfixes Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday this week do not display in the localized versions, or display in English in the localized versions. Notable among these missing strings are:
    ※Planar Attunement GUI node text for Sword Mastery @Schwertbeherrschung / Maîtrise des épées.
    ※Item name, bundle name, and set description for Desolate gear @Zurückgelassener ~ / ~ de la désolation.
    ※Item name, bundle name, and set description for Dragon Slayer's gear @~ des Drachentöters / ~ de Tueur de dragons.
    ※Item name, bundle name, and set description for Rift Walker's gear @Widerstandsfähige ~ / ~ d'arpenteur des Failles.
  • Translation for a Vulcanist Soul's talent is displaying very useless temporary text.
Also working on an official explanation about the English voiceover audio that doesn't have subtitles.Thanks everyone! Enjoy your 3.4 weekend!
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