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I open the Rift Store to dump vendor trash, quite often.I imagine that is true for every player.
This is not true for every player.
Showing us the center pane of the Rift Store on character login, is annoying, and serves no useful purpose whatsoever.
That would be a bad use of space. Fortunately the welcome screen gives us a variety of choices for what to display to players, including things like currently running events or upcoming livestreams. Had there been a livestream this week that would have been the main message.
And very time I switch to a character I have not logged into yet today, this obstacle is in my way again...
Our initial limits on how often it displays weren't working correctly. We're working on new options.
I don't want this in my face, when I am trying to play.
You can close it.
How do I disable it, FOREVER?
That is not an option that is available.
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