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THEWANDERLUSTKING@BloodIron Its happening again. Just tried to login and was denied. Stillmoor is what worked for me before not sure if that matters or its just a crap shoot but, I will not be spending the night waiting for the poor dev trying to help us. Ill try every once in a while til bedtime and im giving up til a proper fix is put in. Yesterday they did say it was going to happen that way on the 8th but I havnt heard anything since. 5 hrs left of the 8th where im sitting. Really hope this gets worked out tonight I already got screwed outta the budgie race. I would've only needed to do 1 more budgie event after this but I needed to do every race in this one. Now ill have to do 2 more before I have 850. Arrgh! lmao I swear if I was the person in charge of sending everyone to diff zones all night ida gone postal by now. Much gratitude to the group that's been helping with this silly problem
Sorry to hear. I've gone ahead and teleported you again. Not postal yet, sleep helped a lot for that!
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