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We’re looking for guilds to volunteer to help us test content for the next raid release! For guilds interested in helping test, we ask that one of your members post the following information. Please don't double up on applications, it'll make everything harder to sort through! APPLICATION TO TEST
  • Guild Name
  • Guild Representative who will serve as the point of contact
  • What times are you available to be scheduled for testing? *Please include time zone*
  • Are you sure you can field 20 players for designer assisted testing on a scheduled night?
  • How much of the current content have you completed?
  • What is your Teamspeak / Vent / etc voice chat device? (required) *DO NOT* Post your address. Please PM it to Dev_Anony.
We'll sort through these applications and select a number of guilds to help us out based on a variety of criteria including current progress and specific availability. We wish we could work with all of you, but the focus of testing is to get the best feedback at a time that best enables us to make appropriate changes before it's released live. Thanks in advance,
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