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This.When you find a botter, ban them. Ban any accounts using the same account. Ban them in all other games they play too.Seriously? Hundreds every day? You haven't seen any other pattern to the bots you ban ... like a naming convention ... say like a character named "sdfgsdgdf"? How about from the same IP region? Same credit card?I just find it hard to believe there are hundreds banned every single day. I mean no offense, Rift isn't that popular of a game. You talk to most gamers and ask if they play Rift, and they say "Huh? What's Rift?"
The bots are smart too. If we go after the names like 'sdfsdf' they will use 'bob' and 'sally'. If we go by geo ip from country X they will use a VPN from country A,B,C.Also, since I do have the data, I can say with certainty Rift is pretty popular.
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