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I read an article that said the first person you log into will be able to claim the Wilds gift. I haven't tried logging into my others because I want to claim it on my main. I know it won't as long as my others don't claim it, just worried it'll mess up since other things are goofy atm.
The Wilds Celebration Pack can be claimed by any character on the account, but only once. Doesn't have to be the first character you login with. The gift itself is Bound to Account, so you could grab it on one character and save it for your main once we have all the issues cleared up.
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PLEASE GET THIS FIXED B4 THE 10TH SO I DON'T MISS OUT ON ANY OF THAT WEEK'S GIFTS. I know ya'll are trying, but the 10th is 2 days away now. I would really like to have those gifts next week.
The daily rewards planned to start on the 10th are also in a container and Bound to Account, so the same applies. We'll try to make sure it isn't an issue though!
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