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Thanks for the report, it'll be investigated
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I posted 33 of the new Blinding Planar Dream Orbs on the AH for a 12h sale at 295.99p each. I checked to make sure the value was correct (cackling at the high total price) and pressed "create auction". I was a bit surprised to see a sale notice in my chat log shortly thereafter, and went to pick up my hoard of cash. Instead of more than 9000p, though, I got only 457p. I figured it was a partial sale and went to check, just in case. They were all gone! I looked in my log to see what the AH "deposit" was on the posting - 2.9325p, correct for the 456.9612 total sale that was recorded. But this was NOT what I was shown when I pressed "create auction" - I'm 100% certain, as I chuckled with my friends over how much money I was going to make. This bug needs to be fixed, ASAP. Also, I need some compensation, please.
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