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The sweet spot is probably best determined by the number of minions you have. If you have 2 minions, 1 slot is going to be more than enough. If you have every minion then you'll want more slots than currently exist.I'd say at very least you'll want two slots (but really get six ;) I might be biased on that though) and pick up more if you find you're not running through the stamina of minions as much as you'd like.
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For those who have more than one minion slot, what is the "sweet spot" in terms of the number of slots, and why do you feel this is so?Three, because you can have two active long missions and one slot to use for leveling up experience?Four, because you can be running two long missions, a short mission, and still have one for leveling experience?I'm still very new to the minion thing, having returned to the game about a month ago after a year's absence.Many thanks!
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