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Is the imbalance between Rogue/Warrior vs Mage/Cleric going to be adressed though? AoE vs ST does not seem very fair atm.
Well, right now on Live, Mage/Cleric cannot crit when healing and have no spellpower scaling, while Warrior/Rogue can crit while healing and have attack power scaling. As of tomorrow, all four abilities have scaling and none of them can crit while healing. As for AoE vs. ST, we could review that but I fear changing the Mage/Cleric ones to be AoE would lower their damage enough that they're no longer useful. The mechanical distinction isn't inherently problematic as long as both are useful to their callings in different situations (for instance, Soul Stream's interaction with Approbation, for instance, would go away if Soul Stream was AoE)
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