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The biggest problem with shaman dps is the non-physical side of the rotation. This has been the case since forever. I could dig up my old posts on this, but meh. This "buff", and the similar one previously are nothing but a short term fix, it is not touch the underlying issue. The overall SP scaling issue touched on earlier is another major issue that has existed forever and it would be nice if it was addressed.
Hi guys, The buff you're all discussing is really a bugfix. Most Shaman attacks had base damage (not scaling values) that skewed a little low for our damage formula. When I generated Shaman mana changes, the damage values also changed as the script corrected this issue. This is why what you're seeing is a baseline value buff to attacks, and not a gameplay-targeted change to talents or root abilities. Because this was a base value (and not a scaling) buff, it looks like less the better-geared your test character is. On PTS, Shaman has been parsing very competitively with other melee DPS specs. It does suffer from fights that don't work well with its cooldown timing, though, and certainly has some other usability issues. We can certainly stand to improve both Shaman and Inquisitor DPS - in the short term I'm going to be increasing the value on Diversify up to 3% per stack, which is also small, but should help both specs keep on par. Also in 3.4, Soul Stream gains a Spellpower scaling ratio as part of a fix to all the Stream/Variation masteries to give them parity, which will further help Inquisitor stay afloat. Game balance in MMOs is a neverending battle to solve a multi-hundred variable equation, but we will keep soldiering on in our efforts to keep all callings close to equal in their ability to contribute to raids as the role the player wants to play.
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