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That is a mighty nice avatar there Archonix...
All Gingers, she hooked me up.
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No more pvp dev avatar.
I like to mix things up. And who doesn't love sheep stamps?
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Will the Wilds Celebration Pack hit live when 3.4 launches?
That's the plan!
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I assume this is for all players, not just patron/etc?
Yup, everyone. (even RoughRaptors)
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We've had "quarterly" gifts before - I'm struggling to remember why - maybe Daglar giving us troves for the extended downtime a year or two ago? but it was one-time thing
Yeah, we've used it a couple times in the past. It's a bucket we used to fire off one-time event rewards. As long as they don't land in the middle of a quarterly cycle (this would never happen...) it serves it's purpose well. I keep meaning to have the text updated to something more appropriate though so it doesn't cause any unnecessary confusion. Maybe "Claimable Bonus" would make more sense.
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