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Berzerker-Creeping Doom not applying a dot anymore, just does damage when cast.-Morbid Slash won't refresh Ethereal Corruption on your target, but it does refresh on the 5 extra targets due to its spread mechanic. Either this effect needs an icd or it needs to refresh it on the target as well.-Underworld shards still resetting with 1 gcd of either Corpsefall or IcefallVulcanist-Stroke of Brilliance - re-word thetooltip "Damage is increased by up to 100% the closer you are to perfect harmony"-Slagged / Skill Shot - Same as Morbid Slash and Ethereal Corruption above.-Molten Wave still says up to 0 enemies
All of these are fixed aside from the Molten Wave issue. That's a UI issue on Engineering because it's a different type of effect that isn't recognizing the token. So, I could fix it but once the bug is fixed, I'd have to change it again. This way it just works when they fix it.
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