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Hoping we might get a story arc concerning this NPC and her Tribe, Jad is a bit sparse of quests
Yeah. I wish we did too. As always we are beholden to the production schedule. And if it were up to me, and I didn't need money to pay the bills, I would hold back Planetouched Wilds for another year or three and do quest sagas for every town, every named person, every bahmi in that zone because I love each and every one of them and think that they are the most interesting and fun to write for people we've ever done. But alas, we need to ship this zone, and you guys want to play it. So you don't get an amazing quest line about each of the towns. In fact many of those towns are criminally under utilized. I am despondent. But we hope that you enjoy the story that you do get, even if you are as sad as us of all the stories you aren't getting. Such is life.
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