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It does take that long to fix and it is still being investigated. Believe me I wish it were simpler, I'd have less gray hair! I do very much appreciate all the reports people are putting in and I continue to monitor this thread. As for why this is taking a while to fix: It's something that only occurs on certain live servers and only occurs while servers or the promo events spin up (which is to say approximately twice every 3-4 weeks depending on promo schedule). Additionally we're looking for something that -isn't- there rather than something that is which further complicates matters. Imaging stepping into a room where people have placed thousands of objects. You step in and get to observe what's there, then you step out and someone removes the object then tells you to figure out what they took away.
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This issue has been around for quite some time now, it has have been reported, and has been discussed and got told "its being investigated and worked on". I cant believe this really takes that long to fix.. (For atleast 3 promotion events in a row)
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