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HIGH Priority:
  • Skill Shot's 10 second cooldown is gone
  • Ethereal beam is giving 110 cunning instead of 100/120, which makes reaching harmony very annoying (you are forced to push to cap of cunning or fury to get back on an even multiple of 10).
  • Beacon of the drake doesn't do anything and disappears as soon as the summoning animation ends.
MEDIUM Priority:
  • Please explain how the clarity of focus talent works. I assume it behaves the way it does because it has a internal cooldown. How long is the cooldown, and could you put it in the tooltip?
  • In a previous post, Vladd implied that molten wave is intended to be used as part of a single target rotation. However, it still does not do nearly enough damage for it to be worth using 3 gcds for.
  • Considering how few chances you typically get to use Stroke of Brilliance with the damage bonus, it should do more damage. Right now, it still deals far less damage than Vorpal Salvo.
I'm pretty much going to ignore your first two paragraphs in the interest of getting information out there but for the record, the reason why there weren't updates till Friday was because I missed the build deadline by checking in at midnight (it was 10pm) and then we had a build fail the next day. With that said...Skill shot cooldown was placeholder. It was removed and damage was reduced. I'm working on getting the replacement in that shows a cooldown on when Clarity of Focus is available again.Point taken on 110 for Ethereal Beam. I'll bump it to 120 to keep things on the 20's for Vulcanist. Beacon of the Drake just doesn't want to work as designed. I'm probably going to scrap it and just have it deal a flat pulse amount. Alternative idea is to change Molten Wave to ST but switches to AoE when Beacon is active. The latter doesn't seem that fun.Stroke of Brilliance had the damage reduced so that more bonus could be applied to when using it correctly in Harmony. Also, to pair with the new mastery secondary that reduces the cooldown by 3s. Molten Wave probably needs to get the damage adjusted up slightly.
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