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With Telara about to be overrun with a bunch of new Primalist characters and with Tier 3 right around the corner, we've made some changes in the loot tables for T1 and T2 of raiding.
  1. Chances of Tank loot has been lowered. For T3, we have a different solution in mind but for T1 and T2, we've reduced their chances of dropping.
  2. All bosses from T1 and T2 raids (both 10 man and 20 man) will drop an extra piece of loot. For the most part what this means is that there will be 3 rolls on 2 different tables with no duplicated items dropped. There will be instances where if a boss normally drops gloves and necklaces that you'll get three necklaces. However, for instances where the boss drops weapons, the weapon tables either receive a higher weighting or you are guaranteed two or more weapon drops. Examples: Sicaron has weapon tables that are higher weighted and it is possible to drop 3 with no repeats. However, because RNG is a cruel mistress at times, you can have 0 weapons drop.Threngar will always drop 3 weapons with no repeated drops.Akylios will always drop 2 weapons and a cape. The weapons could be the same.
  3. Armor type chance to drop per calling is 20%. Basically, Plate, Chain, and Cloth all carry a weighting of 1 while Leather carries a weighting of 2.
  4. Matron Zamira and Sicaron now have chances to drop a new Rogue 1h weapon.
  5. T1 and T2 have had Primalist 2h weapons added for both Tanks and DPS. The DPS versions can be sidegraded to healing options.
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