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I'm not saying it's hard, i'm saying it's clunky having to clip a dot just to make Skill Shot proc. You basically sit in Fury the entire time. There is nothing fun about that, you aren't building up to anything, all the big hitters have no negative outcome.Dervish on the other hand is a well built soul taking full advantage of the Focus Bar.Having the big hitters (In this case Skill Shot and Ethereal Beam) consume all the fury makes the focus bar more appealing.
Each soul interacts with the bar in a different way. In the case of Vulcanist, they are a Fury based soul thus you spend a lot of your time getting to full Fury then having to rebuild it.I'll make Ethereal Beam consume some focus since it is a long cooldown but the idea is that you Skill Shot -> Molten Wave to spend your Fury. Stroke of Brilliance, Rage Spike, and instant Vorpal Salvo to get yourself back.
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