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ITT more dev replies than posts on the cleric forums for the last 3 months, despite massive inequalities between the classes which are simply not being addressed at any level.I'm a patient person, and I've been a cleric for a long time, so I know how **** it can be. (Hello Zinbik) but this is getting to be beyond a joke.Your rate of posting about primalist now far outstrips any posting or work on clerics - a class you were actually employed to design.I'm more than happy to help with suggestions and testing, but all of the suggestions in the past have been ignored so at least communicate with us. You've shown you're more than happy to post on the forums and make changes - apparently so long as it has nothing to do with clerics.
Seriously, I don't reply to threads that say "Where are the devs?" I don't reply to threads that say "The devs are incompetent for reason X". I will absolutely respond to threads that say "This phenomenon is a problem, and here are details to reproduce it." Help me help you. This will be the only time I reply to a post on these forums that contains this level of passive aggression.
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