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I have to be honest, I didn't expect this discrepancy to be addressed. Bravo.
Oh ye of little faith... =p
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While that's good it still doesn't address the actual problem. Throughput, even if reduced, is still throughput whether or not it lacks potency.As a Cleric that has a Dom focusing me and mana wrenching me, I will have no throughput. I'm completely devoid of the capability to have ANY throughput because I end up not having enough resource to use abilities.So I can either hope my mana tonic/potion is off CD and/or channel to get mana back. Then I have to hope I don't get interrupted, oh crap now Mana Wrench is off CD. This isn't even factoring in other classes interacting with the Dom or even other things like Priest's Lament, Arresting Presence... And then it's like even without a Dom, I'm still managing mana. I hate to throw in the word fair, but it ain't fair, period.
So, you're discussing the subject that Red Hawk was alluding to. We don't care for how Dominator is basically the fun police in PVP. I mean, it's my job to the be the fun police and I can't say that I care for the competition. As such, Dominator is about to be kicked off the force.Basically, what we are putting in for Primalist is just to keep everyone on an even keel as previously stated. Once we get past 3.4, we can focus on doing some more focused looks at the current state of PVP. We actually have quite a bit of time set aside to work on PVP for 3.5.
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