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Primalists are currently unaffected by effects that drain mana/energy/power (e.g. Debilitating Dart). These should really be made to interact with the Primalist's focus bar in some way. It's a little funkier because there isn't really a 'full' or 'empty', but I think we have two options of how this can be implemented:1) Drains cause the focus bar to move toward Harmony in increments of 202) Drains cause the focus bar to move in a random direction in increments of 20The real issue with drains interacting with the focus bar is that it can potentially leave the Primalist in a state where the drain is beneficial to them. Both of these options can potentially do this, but I think that's a lesser evil than having a calling that is effectively immune to drains.
All drains will apply a mechanic to Primalists which lowers their throughput. Coming very soon to PTS.
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