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Glad it is fixed. I have to admit I'm a little concerned that it took a forum post to get this type of things resolved.
Actually the forum post probably had nothing to do with it, it just happened to coincide with our Customer Service team processing the request. This all does bring up an important point though, in that when you are pursuing CS issues you should always focus your efforts on submitted tickets. In this case the OP contacted me, and I was in the process of looking in to the topic. I wanted to make sure I had all the info. Unfortunately before I could complete my investigation, personal matters kept me out of office. My availability is still very limited actually, although I will be in for the livestream tomorrow *fingers crossed*.We all get frustrated when things take a long time, or when responses aren't necessarily what we might want. That's reasonable. And I am still going to follow up on this request as I want to understand what occurred in this case. But always focus on the most direct way of dealing with the matter, with the people most relevant to your issue. In this case, it's cs tickets with our cs staff.
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