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A couple "fit and finish" things I noticed: - The DoT from Fury Blast does not get removed if the target dies. It continues ticking after death. This is likely to cause issues in PvP and it also messes with RiftMeter because it thinks you're still in combat until it stops ticking. - (A little silly) Fury Blast seems to have very strange scaling through the leveling process. At level 6 it deals more damage than Lashing Wind, Precision Bolt, and even Seismic Smash. === (Purely opinion) The Furious Power (Increases Attack Power by 3/6/9/12%) branch option feels lackluster. The fact that it only affects Attack Power and not Weapon Damage really comes off as awkward. Obviously copying the already existent 2.5/5/7.5/10% Attack Power & Weapon Damage from Dervish & Typhoon is uninteresting. The same goes for copying the 3/6/9/12% Dexterity from Berserker and Typhoon. However, one thing I had always thought would be interesting would be to combine them. So would you be at all opposed to the idea of... "Furious Power - Increases your Attack Power and Weapon Damage by 1.25/2.5/3.75/5% and your Dexterity by 1.5/3/4.5/6%" ? This just seems like a more interesting way to give Vulcanist a diverse branch option that doesn't feel so awkward... or maybe I'm just really odd. And yes, I'm aware this might mess with scaling with masteries and Primal Avatar: Drake. Yes, I'm sure it was intentional. I just don't like the concept... so OK, I am just really odd.
Fixed the Fury Blast DoT ticking after death. I added Weapon Damage to Furious Power last night but it didn't make it into the build today. Also I upped all of those weapon/ap talents to be 4% per point invested so we get comparable scaling that other martial souls have in their trees.
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