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Was probably me, and as I remember the logs showed you claiming a mission for each you sent out in the given time period.
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I actually reported that second issue when it happened to me, but whoever checked the logs said they could see nothing amiss. I know I was not seeing things when I sent mine out. On that particular day I sent out one 10hr mission and four 8hr missions. I checked back in before the 8hr missions returned and did not see anything out for the 10hr mission I sent...but all four of the 8hr missions were still out and had about 35 minutes left to completion.Rather difficult to prove if your logs don't show it. Could it have been a roll back? I don't think so since I sent the 10hr one out then the 8hr ones out last. All 5 were showing as being deployed before I closed the minion screen.If there is a disconnect somewhere along the line, why would the four 8hrs ones still have been out and no 10hr one?
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