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We've been unable to reproduce the '1 star displays as 6 stars' issue internally. This can happen for all missions however. Remember though it's not taking a 6 star result and converting it to a 1 star result. It is only incorrectly displaying a 1 star result as something better (which is not good as an experience but it is otherwise harmless) I've not heard any reports of the second issue you described and anyone who does experience that can email me and I can check logs to see what's going on. I'll need to know times that they sent out the adventure.
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Snedhepl, is there a fix coming in for this? I know I stopped using the 10hr minion missions because of this very issue. Now all I use are the 8hr ones and occasionally, the shorter ones when I get a new minion card to level up. I've also been in discussions with other guild members who have sent out their 10hr missions only to get zero back ...minion goes out ...all missions launched, then the next day that particular mission is missing completely even though all the rest of the missions sent at the same time are still out and not yet returned.
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