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This mainly pertains to Warriors since their damaging abilities are somewhat based off of weapon dps. If you have a 2H and 2 1Hs of equal tier/value, the weapon dps shown on the 2H comes at face value. If you are dual-wielding you take the weapon dps of your main hand and multiply it by 1.3. Example comparison: Expert 2h with 130 weapon dps = 130*1 = 130. 2 expert 1h with 100 weapon dps = 100*1.3 = 130. Therefor, your abilities will scale off of weapon dps the same. The only difference between these 2 scenarios is the stats (str/dex/ap/cp/crit/etc.) shown on the 2h and the accumulated stats of the 2 1hs.
Pretty much this. There is your answer, F1tch! =)
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