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What server did you experience this on?Just a quick update-We're still investigating this, unfortunately it's going to be a slow process as it seems to be something that happens when the event starts for a server (Thursday for a new event, Wednesday after a hotfix if the event is ongoing).When reporting on this bug please make sure to include what server you're on, even if you've done it before, it simply makes it that much easier so that we don't need to dig through threads or use tools to try and guess. And of course that's ignoring the chance that you might've been on a different character than usual.
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Just going to add this in case it helps track things down.For the last two events I didn't get the event tracker on the Thursday that the event started. After the update on the following Wednesday the tracker reappeared and stayed until the event was over. Maybe there is something that isn't getting set when the events start on certain shards and when the game gets restarted after the update whatever needs to be initialized gets run and the tracker gets activated.
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