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Hey all!Just a quick note to let you know what you can expect with 3.4:
  • Apothecaries and Runecrafters rejoice! There is now support for you in Planar Crafting! Seek out Tephael in Choreburg to obtain the new weekly quest and the Rift Store or Bob to obtain the new recipes!
  • New Dream Orb recipes have been added for Dream Weaving! We have also added new Dream Orb recipes for Planar Crafting! The planar crafted Dream Orbs can also be used on earrings, belts and gloves!
  • With the power increase for 3.4, we are able to add in new crafting recipes for Apothecaries, Runecrafters and Survivalists!
  • Feeling lucky? Feeling generous? Gift your friends with a Lucky Fortune Biscuit containing one fortune! Look for the Lucky Fortune Bundle on the Rift Store! These new fortune biscuits also include new titles, achievements and a reward for completing the final achievement!
  • Crafting rifts have been spotted in Planetouched Wilds!
  • Looking for that Laboratory workstation to put in your Dimension and add to your collection?! Look no further, they are now available from Crafting Rifts in Tarken Glacier and Planetouched Wilds!
  • We’ve added crafting workstations that appear once a Crafting Rift is fully sealed in Tarken Glacier or Planetouched Wilds. You will also receive a buff that increases your crafting skill-ups while using the crafting workstations.
  • A new Dimension sky projector, ‘Always Sunny Day Sky Projector’ (fixed time of day) has been added to the Rift Store!
  • A whole new tier of power for crafted items upgrades have been added to Rift!
  • The number of available tiers of crafted items have been reduced and combined to ease the path to power.
  • The cost to upgrade all crafted gear have been reduced to make upgrades more compelling for players.
  • Stan’s Tacklebox and Lure has been found in Planetouched Wilds as well as Tarken Glacier! Feel free to continue your search there as well!
  • There are now disc building blocks available for Dimensioneers! Look for them on the Rift Store under Dimensions -> Building Blocks!
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