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I have a saved ticket from Customer Service. The e-mails went back and forth about 12 times. I did everything they asked. Aside from doing the same things they already asked me to do previously that I already did. On the last e-mail from Customer Service, they said "This is beyond Customer Service, please create an "in game" report so a GM can handle this as a GM are the only ones that can fix the problem, not Customer Service." I have the entire ticket thread and can supply it to you if you so desire. Due to that experience, it was my understanding from what I was told, that they are separate entities and have different roles and more importantly have different skill-sets. Is this not true and the CS agent passed the buck, dropped the ball and did not take ownership, as you stated they are one in the same? Very Respectfully, Azteck
It may delineate different levels of seniority or position internally for that team.
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