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I hate to bring up WoW but the stats should have been handled like their classes that share the same gear type. ExampleRogues + Primalist = LeatherRogues primary stat is agilityPrimalist primary stat should be StrengthId rather fight over weapons with another class only really taking one of 2 slots (weapon or ranged/statstick) than fight over gear which takes up 6 slots of items that are material dependent.
Since the initial question was a matter of availability and did not ask anything about probability. I only answered the availability issue.On the matter of probability, raid loot tables for t1 and t2 have been adjusted so that drops are equal probability across the 5 callings. In fact, it will slightly favor Rogues and Primalists. I say slightly with a grain of salt because over a large enough sample of data it's like having 1-2 extra grains of salt on a beach that is almost equal amounts of salt and sand save those few grains.
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