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When 3.4 is released, how soon will we start seeing Primalist loot drop? Will it be added to T1/T2 raids initially? And what about open world/quest stuff? There will be very few raid ready Primalists on day one and even fewer T2 ready. Will the adjusted loot table go into effect on day one? That would really affect our raid comps considering we won't have any Primalists for awhile.
Well, the big thing here is that there are 2h weapons because everything else already exists. We have added weapons to T1 and T2 as well as experts, store, and tradeskills. Runes and orbs have been updated/added to work with Primalist. All of these will be ready for day one Primalist. The much larger task that we've been hitting as they have been reported are quests reward packages that do not have a Primalist 2h weapon option. With as many quests that we have in-game, I can't say for certain that we'll get every single one of them. We'll try for sure but if I was a betting man, I'd say that we miss a few just out of sheer volume.
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